The 4K Box is the best multi-media entertainment solution in the market right now.
No need to keep paying those huge monthly subscriptions to cable providers for channels you don’t even watch. The 4K Box comes with zero monthly subscriptions and allows you to customize your viewing experience by selecting your favorite channels as well as setting up a media center. With the 4K Box, you can now get rid of your cable TV provider and save up to a $1000 each year.

Thanks to its ultra-powerful processor and an easy-to-use interface, the 4K Box can serve multiple purposes. The pre-installed Chrome browser gives you access to all your favorite websites. You caninstall Skype, connect a camera, and communicate with your loved ones or even conduct business meetings from the comfort of your home. You can also install Gmail or PowerPoint as well as add a keyboard,making it easier to increase your productivity beyond your wildest imaginations. Owning a portable, light weight 4K Box is just like having a mini-computer in your pocket!


You can now watch any of the 80 million videos on YouTube delivered in high quality 4K content directly to your TV. With over a million games and applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in 4K Box, you are just a click away from turning your TV into the ultimate entertainment center. You also get to enjoy unlimited Access to Hundreds of Applications available to entertain you with the best content you can get from anywhere in the world! There is fun content for Kids, Educational content for all ages, anime from Japan, a music channel for hours of fun and of course a Sports channel featuring your favorite players and teams.

The Evolution of TV

You can access almost any HD or 4K content with your 4K Box. With its intelligent multimedia search system, you can, in just seconds, find just about all available web content without being inconvenienced by advert pop-ups or viruses. Your 4K Box is a multimedia center with unlimited potential for the whole family. You can also use it to watch to your programs linked to subscriptions.

What They Say About Us
Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and is important for us to exceed the customer’s expectations! We love what we do and we love to see our customers happily satisfied.
  • Cesar Bustamante
    Orlando, Florida
    If your looking for an streaming tv box that delivers, this is the one. No problem with glitches speed or any other issue's. HD & 4k movie's are fantastic. Easy to connect - Bang for the buck this is a great item.
  • Ana Jones
    Fantastic box, this is the third I have bought two for myself and one for a family member. My first one was purchased last July and is still streaming along. So many kids movies and tv shows for my boys without having all those commercials on Tv and youtube - my kids are loving this box too - As a mom I recommend this box.
  • Paul Smith
    Dallas, Texas
    I bought this box as a replacement to my old box which had the KitKat version of Android and was experiencing a lot of buffering and slowness in general. After upgrading to this new box, I no longer have buffering issues when watching movies, music videos and sports and the menus/apps are a lot quicker to click through as well. For the price, this is a great box and I highly recommend it.
  • Jonathan Ford
    Santa Monica, California
    This Box is awesome - I got most of the fitness programs for Free and all the fitness youtube channels in one place!! FREE movies and sports game and events without spammy pop window and viruses - rock on to this 4k box - I’m getting one more for my girlfriend now!!!
  • Jenny Garcia
    Boise, Idaho
    Fast delivery and extremely fast box...great product...another friend bought one as well and he is very happy with the box as well! I love the fact i can bring it everywhere - I use it often to go to my friends and my parents house - plug and play 🙂
  • Joshua and Sarah Smith
    NY New York
    We have been customers of 4K Box for 4 months and this is simply the best investment we have made! We've lowered our TV package with Shaw Direct to a minimum and we've saved nearly $ 50 a month since 4K Box. Completed rentals of movies and special events like boxing and UFC. We have access to ALL on the 4K Box. It's simple to use and the customer service is simply impeccable. Wow !! We recommend that everyone purchase the 4K Box. Congratulations to all the team that works hard for their customers!
  • William Rodriguez
    Jacksonville Florida
    Simply sick! With $58/month saved thanks to the 4K Box, I am no longer paying for unused channels every month. More than satisfied!  
  • John Moore
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Dear 4K Box we love the new upgrade 4kBOX with the new menus and free movies and all the tv series and the sports events - we are saving over 1000$ a year after we cut our cable and Netflix subscription! Thanks again
  • Andy and Sherly Brown
    Illinois, Chicago
    Again thanks to 4K Box, me who really am not techno, I found it really easy to use ... No need to rent movies, I can listen to my weekly TV shows without any ads! I can even do my work out, I’m crazy in love with it! My husband can watch all of his action movies, football games, hockey games and his preferred boxing night fights! I recommend to everybody the 4K Box!

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