4K Box is a revolutionary device that effectively connects to your internet network and you can stream your favourite music, movies and popular TV series directly to your TV set. Packed with advanced yet easy to use features 4K Box can be configured with ease. Below is the list of most commonly asked questions about this device.

Easy to use – We at 4K Box have taken special care to ensure that its operation is simplistic and less complicated so that anyone can use it.

Plethora of options to choose from- Wide array of programs, including popular TV shows to movies add a new horizon to your TV watching experience

HD quality video – With 4K Box, enjoy the minute details and vibrant colours with its latest HD quality video format and can be further upgraded to 4K ultra HD.

24x 7 supports – With 4K Box, enjoy the peace of mind as our efficient support team is ever present to assist you in case of any problems.

Continuous High speed internet access is recommended to get the best out of the 4K Box preferably 10 Mbps or more.

We usually recommend you to use the Ethernet connection, but if you don’t have one, no worries, WiFi will suffice.

Make sure that your TV has at least one HDMI port.

No, Not at all before installing, read the User manual carefully where all the installation steps are mentioned.

We have designed 4K Box in such a way that it stays connected to download necessary firmware updates automatically for the best results. Even when you are enjoying an HD movie, 4K Box only consumes 1 to 2 watt of electricity making it the most eco-friendly device in your house.

4K Box itself is a very small and compact device making it portable, so you can carry it easily while you traveling and to make it work, make sure there is high speed internet and the TV comes with HDMI port.

4K Box also comes with internal storage to save necessary system files and applications so that you can use it on the go.

Yes, 4K Box is 100% legal as it only streams the contents that are already on the net. It doesn’t download any content to show them nor does it copies and duplicates any content.

PS– All contents are streamed through servers that don’t belong to us and we hold no responsibility for these unknown servers.

Yes, having an existing Cable TV subscription is not at all mandatory to use 4K Box as, there are plenty of applications providing high-quality videos and movies for free where you can subscribe according to your needs like Netflix, IPTV 15 and more.

The video quality is totally dependent on the speed of your internet connection. In case of slower connection, video quality will be like that of a VHS tape, and during faster connections, you can enjoy 720p to 1080 p video quality.

Yes, you can easily do internet and surf the web with the 4K Box.

You don’t have to pay any fees whether it is monthly or annual to use 4K Box, however you need to pay subscription fees in case you want to watch some specific channels like Netflix, MLB and much more.

Now, you can block any adult content from the minors with the push of a button. Thanks to the parental control feature of the 4K Box.

Yes, subtitles are available with the 4K Box and you can select the subtitles according to your region and suitability.

If you are experiencing mysterious and frequent network issues, then the most important thing to check is that whether there is any probable cause of the loss of the network connection.

Go to the home screen -> Network-> Click Disconnect and Reconnect. Then start streaming again.

If you still face any errors while loading and streaming any content then there might be some problem with your signal strength specially Wifi. So, we recommend you to go for Ethernet for the best results.

If you cannot connect to any network, try to restart the 4K Box and the router/ modem.

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